Uniqueness of water-plasma production engineering

Water vapour is ideal plasma-derivating environment: pollution-free, explosion-proof and without waste, favorably influencing sanitary-and-hygienic working conditions.


The heat occuring in plasma burner of "Multiplaz-3500", promotes ionisation of hydrogen with sorbtion of a significant amount of heat. Accordingly at recombination in the field of the nozzle the considerable quantity of the energy promoting an intensification of process of fusion of metal is liberated.


There is a huge temperature in the plasma burner and water vapour can dissociate also on hydrogen and hydroxyl. Hydroxyl does not dissolve in metal as it is highly resistant to and promotes martempering of a surface of molten metal (the surface is characterised by a metallic appearance).



Multiplaz-3500 consists of two plasma generators (plasma torch) and electrical power unit.

The plasma torch is fulfilled in the form of gun and rolls in itself the discharge camera mechanically merged with the device of steam generation.

Now compressors and cylinders under pressure are not necessary any more.  All you need is an electrical socket 220/110V and a few water or a 50% water-alcohol mixture, which is filling directly in the torch.


The integrated system of steam generation with the discharge camera has allowed to create an effective integral cooling system of electrodes of the torch at the expense of usage of thermal energy which is gated out on electrodes, for volatilization. Such approach has allowed to create the refrigeration self-controlling system    (the more power gated out on electrodes of the burner the is more quantity produced plasma generating steam).


The new aspect of plasma devices brought to your attention differs from the traditional equipment portability, ecological cleanness, low maintenance charges and multifunctionality:


Cutting - direct and indirect arc;
Welding - plasma and the plasma-arc;
Brazing - using different alloys.


Multiplaz 3500 is provided with a digital arc voltage display, thermal protection against overload and automatic voltage control


Due to the compact design of the device, most effectively their usage at conducting of all aspects repair and installation works "away" including at reconditioning of railway communications, linkage, sanitary technicians, systems of heating, refrigerators, air conditioners, roof coatings etc.


It is also useful for metal repair shops (including main body repairs), in art shops, for builders, farmers and power engineering specialists.