Multiplaz 7500

Multiplaz 7500 (7.5 KW) air-plasma cutter

Multiplaz 7500 - Air-plasma cutter with an optimum combination "price/quality" also it is compact and has a light weight.

Multiplaz comes with 9 meter cable hose, gear and fittings for compressed air connection, would it be compressed air pipe line, whether from a mobile compressor.

duty cycle - 100%

Multiplaz cuts any conductive metal, whether copper, brass, aluminum or stainless steel.

air-plasma cutting 2mm - Multiplaz 7500


air-plasma cutting 20mm - Multiplaz 7500

more information can be found in Manuals
Technical data

Input voltage V 380 ± 10%
Frequency of the feed source Hz 50-60
Input power KW 7.5
Open-circuit voltage V 280
Current range Amp 20 - 55
Nominal output voltage В 120
Loading factor % 100
Efficiency % 85
Loss factor cos 0.93
Isolation class   B
Protection class   IP21
Arc starting method   noncontact

Pressure of the incoming

compressed air

bar 5.5
Compressed air charge liter/min 250

Size of the power supply (inverter)

(L х W х H)

mm 560 х 210 х 370
Power supply weight kg 21
Torch with cable-hose weight kg 5
Cable-hose length m 9
Thickness of a cut steel plate mm up to 25