Multiplaz 3500


Multiplaz 3500 - is a hi-tech plasma device of hand-held welding and metal cutting.
Has no analogues in the world.
Allows to make qualitative welding of details from different brands of steels, pig-iron, aluminium, alloys of aluminium, brass and copper.

Provides a high-quality brazing and overlaying welding of metals. 
Allows to cut metals up to 10mm. 

Works from the electrical socket 220 / 110V. For metal cutting you just haveto fill it with a few water. Fill it with 50% mixture of a water and alcohol to provide welding.


Multiplaz 3500 comes with video guide on DVD

Plasma-arc welding by the compressed arc has much in common with argon-arc welding by a tungsten electrode, but is more perfect method of obtaining of welded joints (in 2 times above on a heat rating).


Plasma-arc welding allows to make deep penetration welding, to gain narrow junctures with small width of a heat-affected zone and to increase a welding speed.


Lack of temperature strains of a processed material, owing to the narrow square of preheating, provides the minimum shrinkage of welded metal that secures exclusive quality of a juncture (the admission for welding of gas pipelines of an average and low pressure).

Practically there is no metal temperature strain, its physical and constructional performances (especially such important parameter as elasticity) are saved.

Multiplaz 3500 is capable to cut any known material on the earth, including:  stainless steels, aluminium, titanium, a quartz glass, ceramics, etc. Because of a heat and the small square of a plasma arc, metal preheating occurs only in narrow area, and it strongly upgrades cutting.

complete set of repair parts is supplied
with the instrument and allows to start working at once.

мультіплаз 3500 запасні частини

Our divice has proved itself in production and setting-up of advertising products, in a jewellery, a farm.


Today Multiplaz 3500 is used at installation of every possible operations. On a car  servicing stations (in operations with a thin automobile steel), at setting-up and the next repearing of pipelines,  heating systems and the water drain, at repairing refrigerators, air conditioners, vent systems, at setting-up of underground communications, construction and other operations.


The main advantages of  "Multiplaz-3500" from traditional welding devices:


Multifunctionality - cuts, welds, brazes;
Portability - total weight 10 kg, is easily located in a bag;
Pollution-free - when the "Multiplaz 3500"  is working the room is only  enriched by oxygen О2;
Low working costs - all you need is a water or 50% water-alcohol mixture and max. 3,5 KVA
Economical power consumption - it is essentially mirrored in products cost price;
Working with "Multiplaz - 3500" does not demand lighting - plasma provides effective lighting of working object;
Complete safety. Has unique function of the instant fire fighting;
Welds metals different in width and type;
Welds pig-iron without preheating;
Welds pipes completely filled with water or freezed;
No metal splashing until cutting and welding;

Multiplaz - 3500 provides round-the-clock work possibility on maximum rating.


Multiplaz 3500 is completed with a bag which makes transportation easy and comfortable

Technical data

Voltage of the feed source V 220 ± 10%
Frequency of the feed source Hz 50-60
Power consumption KVA up to 3,5
Current range Amp 3 - 9,5
Loading factor % 100

Size of the power supply (inverter)

(L х W х H)

mm 380 х 190 х 140
Power supply weight kg 8
Cathode resource hours of work 20 - 30
Nozzle resource hours of work 50 - 100
Working fluid consumption liter/hour ~0,25
Thickness of a welded detail mm

from 0,3 -

without restrictions

Thickness of a cut steel sheet mm up to 10

Cutting speed 2 m​etal sheet

mm/sec up to 7
Cost of work 1 hour

up to $1.2

(depends on the cost of electricity

and water in your country)